The DDW Advantage

DDW values stategic thinking and adherance to tried, tested and true processes that ensure things get done, and get done right. Our approach centres on three core priciples: process, web-centricity and moving quickly.

Plan. Execute. Measure. Adapt.

DDW has an extensive experience implementing web-centric solutions and solving real-world business challenges. With adherence to market-tested, industry best practices, we promote strategic planning and research as the foundation of successful projects. Working closely with our clients, we identify and document detailed goals and objectives. We then execute these objectives with creativity and innovation, measuring them against predetermined success criteria. Upon completion we re-evaluate our positioning and adapt the plan accordingly.

Web-centric Marketing

Websites have become the face of any organization to the public. As such, DDW implements a Web-centric Marketing Methodology with an emphasis on using your website as a powerful tool to increase revenue and communicate effectively with your customers.
The Web-Centric Marketing Methodology Diagram

Outpace your Competitors

DDW promotes strategic thinking in any endeavor whether it be creative, technical or both. We put a high value on well-planned implementations and efficient project management, but we also understand the need for flexibility. Each project is different, which is why we evolve our techniques to match the overall needs and corporate culture of our clients. With strategic planning and quick adaptations DDW helps our clients outpace their competitors.