Multimedia & Flash

As more and more people are consuming content on the Internet, multimedia (such as Flash or Video) continues to provide advantages for companies seeking deeper, more engaging connections with their audience. DDW has the experience and capability to create new media or repurpose legacy content into fresh new experiences delivered online.

DDW offers a variety of design and production services:

calgary flash websites

Flash Websites & Animation

Adding interactivity and life to your website can be accomplished by building the entire website in Flash, or by building hybrid websites that contain Flash components (and still work on iPhones and iPads).

calgary dvd production


When your content is too large in file size to be delivered online, CD-ROM or DVD is the perfect choice. DVD is an excellent medium for e-learning content or demo reels.

calgary online video

Online Video

Video has long been a powerful media and with increasing bandwidth becoming the norm, video can now be delivered effectively online through YouTube or Vimeo.

Please visit our Animation & Interactive Media Portfolio for examples of our work.