Services Overview

DDW has three core services areas that like act legs on a tripod - each one supports the other. They are strategy, online, offline.


It has been said that for any given project, 80% of the work is planning and 20% is doing. DDW has embraced this philosophy. We understand the value behind strategic planning; knowing the competitive environment before acting. We work with our clients to ensure that any investments made building marketing collateral or advertising campaigns are based on solid research and understanding of market conditions.


With a solid, well-planned goals in place, DDW implements digital communications and branding designed to leverage the unique strengths afforded by the medium. Whether it be website design, Flash ad banners, online presentations, software demonstrations, interactive media or web applications, DDW adheres to the brand foundation while adding exceptional value through technology innovation.


A world-class brand must be built on a solid foundation of research and strategy. DDW has a proven track record of helping companies build strong foundations with insightful ideas and careful execution. Traditional branding services such as logo design, print design and marketing strategy, combine to provide a positive impact on the marketability of our clients' company and its products or services.

How We Do It

DDW Process

What we do is not nearly as important as how we do it. As Hunter S. Thompson said, "If a thing is worth doing at all, it's worth doing right".

DDW puts a premium on the importance of proper planning and measurements. Our aim is to perfect our solutions through continual incremental improvements and adaptations.

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